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On our website we have determined how we wish to use your personal information. If our use of your personal information is not acceptable to you, please in the first instance speak to John Crook on 07521368300 with your concerns.


For the purpose of the new General Data Protection Regulations the data controller is Genius Property Teamcare LTD. The data processor is any employee, franchisee, sub contractor, or the director, John Crook who are trained to handle confidential information.

Any data processed by any of the above is only to action your contractual request. We do not sell, share or pass to any other individual or company any of your personal information.

If you decide to remove your details from our database please use the "Manual Deletion" button on your profile page. You may be asked to give a reason but are not obliged to do so.

In the first instance, your request will be sent to our data controller who will respond to your request.

The deletion process is permanent and all your information will be removed. If you change your mind you will need to register a new account to use the services on this website.


What we use your information for:


Window Cleaning Calculator is available to registered and guest users. To proceed to the total screen we need to ask you for your name, email address and date of birth (you must be over 18). We do not collect payment for window cleaning until we have visited your property to confirm price, and then only after your job is complete. All your payment is collected at that time, where you will be able to choose a payment method. Please see our payment website


Support Ticket is available to registered users only. We ask for your name, address, email and date of birth (you must be over 18). With our support ticket we use your information to book surveys and we pass on your details to our franchisees and sub contractors to allow them to visit your property and provide an estimate or quote. We also use the ticket system to update you on the progress of the job.

If you would like us to delete a support ticket we can do this. Your ticket will be deleted from our database. Once a ticket is deleted, all information is removed permanently. To use the ticket system to update another job you will need to create a new ticket, which will create a new job reference number.


All information we receive from you is treated confidentially. No information is passed to any other person or company without your consent.

We are improving the site as new services become available. If you wish to take part in any trials, beta services or receive news about our company you will need to update your profile to enable this. We will not send you unsolicited emails or correspondence without you opting in by selecting the newsletter checkbox in your profile.

If any of our terms and conditions including our privacy policy change we will put a notice on the front page of our website. You will be sent an invitation to view updated terms by text or email. If you do not agree with any terms you must tell us by email, remove your information from our website by Manual Deletion on your profile page, or in writing to Genius Property Teamcare LTD, The Steading, Marchlands, Boyndlie, Fraserburgh, AB43 7DY.

We will honour any requests within a reasonable time (minimum 24 hours).

These statements only apply to your use of and other than those used in this privacy policy no other implied, verbally or in writing comments shall apply to your use of this website.


Any comments or questions regarding the privacy policy can be addressed in writing to The Data Controller, Genius Property Teamcare LTD, The Steading, Marchlands, Boyndlie, Fraserburgh, AB43 7DY.



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